Frequently Asked Questions

When may my ceremony begin?

“Day Use” rentals begin at 8 A.M., so your ceremony may begin as early as you'd like and when your vendors can be ready for you to do so! We recognize that every event is different and has a different set of needs.

May I have a rehearsal for my ceremony?

Yes, of course! The Estate at River Run hosts events throughout the week so rehearsals should be scheduled 3 weeks in advance and be held during normal business hours. Rehearsals must be concluded by 6 P.M. unless hosting a rehearsal dinner at The Estate by contracting for a weekend rental.

When may I access the building?

You and your vendors will have access to The Estate as early as 8:00 A.M. the day of your event unless you have agreed upon access otherwise or reserved the property for weekend use. If reservations for weekend use have been made then you and your vendors may access the property at the time of check-in for your group. [This is typically at 2 P.M. Friday for Saturday events.]

Are there dressing rooms for the Bride and Groom?

The master suite and attached bathrooms are available to the Bride and her bridesmaids to get ready. The Woodhaven Room and all other spaces will be available at 8 A.M. the day of your event. We recommend having the groom and groomsmen arrive at River Run approximately 2 hours prior to the event for group pictures if their group has other daytime activities planned.

May I have my dog(s) in my ceremony?

Yes, you may include your dog(s) in your ceremony. Arrangements should be made for the pet to be taken off the premises after the ceremony is finished. A designated handler will need to be in charge of your pet and the pet may be on site no more than a total of half an hour and kept outside for ceremonies and photos. The designated handler is responsible for cleaning up after the pet.

Can your facility accommodate buses?

Yes, buses and shuttles are welcome and strongly encouraged. Cars may be left overnight in the parking area as long as they are picked up by 10:00 am the next day if there is no morning event scheduled. We have also widened our driveway and drive circle by the house to accommodate 55 passenger buses so they are able to make the turning radius needed.

Can I post signs to direct traffic to the Estate?

It is illegal in Goochland County to post signs not on one’s private property. Any signs posted on county property (i.e. medians) are removed by the county police immediately. Driving directions for your guests are listed on our website. We provide signage at the end of the driveway, our logo displayed on our mailbox, and we invite you to add balloons or florals to get the attention of your guests if you prefer.

Are candles/lanterns allowed to be used for decor?

You are able to use candles in your decor, however, no open flames are allowed. All candles used inside River Run must be Lucid Brand Candles because they have built in snuffers. These may be rented from Kim Moody Design and are filled with oil. This will allow for you to have real flames inside without a concern for danger in order to protect guests and the property. LED candles are welcome throughout the property.

Is event liability insurance required?

Insurance for the event is required and carried by the lessee. When calling your agent you will need to request a certificate of liability insurance in the amount of $2 million naming River Run Manor, LLC as the additionally insured. We are happy to suggest reasonably priced options, but most families go through their homeowners policy. Please follow guidelines in your contract.

Where are the closest accommodations for my guests?

There are several bed and breakfasts, AirBnB’s, private rentals, and many hotels conveniently located within a 12-25 minutes of The Estate at River Run. For the closest corporate hotel options available near restaurants and shopping, many of our guests feel the Short Pump area is a great choice for them!

Is there a “corkage” fee?

We do not “mark up” or charge you any additional fees for bringing in your own alcohol. [If you’ve ever priced out a dinner, reception, or party with an “in house” food service option this is a very expensive line item. At River Run we believe you should be able to bring that in without additional fees from our venue to help you save cost if you choose to!]

Are wine, beer and liquor permitted?

Yes, of course! We want you to celebrate! Having the appropriate ABC license on file is important. Our approved caterers carry this banquet license on your behalf if they supply the alcohol, or you may obtain a “one-day banquet license” from the state of Virginia. Of course, many of our hosts choose to have their caterers handle all of the “heavy lifting” when it comes to alcohol packages. Please know that we do not permit the service of liquor shots at your event.

Can we meet with our caterer/photographer etc. at the venue?

Yes. Please schedule all meetings with The Estate at River Run’s event team through your vendors or wedding planner. We request that you try to consolidate these to 1-2 meeting days at River Run over the course of your planning process so we may accommodate this request from all of our clients, scheduled events, and tours.

Am I able to have drone videography at my event?

The use of drones for videography is permitted, and as a matter of fact it’s the norm for videographers on our preferred list! Videographers outside of our preferred list are welcome, but must comply with all of our vendor guidelines.

Is catering done on-premise or can we hire our own caterer?

We’ve preselected two of our FAVORITE caterers we’ve worked with over the years and require one of them service your event if food will be served. Our preferred caterers are licensed, insured and inspected by the Health Department. Our amazing caterers will work with you to ensure any specific ethnic menus and special requests can be accomadated!

Our caterers operate as independent businesses and are required to provide a copy of their Health Department certificate, Banquet License, Business and Insurance certificates. As with all of our preferred vendors, we keep a copy of this on file for the two on our preferred list.

Are tables and chairs provided?

River Run owns an assortment of tables. We welcome our booked clients to utilize any of our event furnishings outlined in their contract inside the mansion at no additional cost. Additionally we own 180 gold chiavari chairs that we offer for your indoor ceremonies/receptions. If you choose to hold a ceremony outdoors, you will need to go through one of our preferred rental companies for any outdoor rentals.

Do you have a professional wedding planner? Do they come with the rental price of the venue?

Kim Moody Design manages our facility and is our preferred event planner for some of our weddings, but other licensed, insured planners are welcome as well! Pricing for this is like any outside vendor - not included in the price of the venue rental. If you have questions about a planner you are considering please connect with the staff at the time of your tour or prior to booking their services.

Who will be our point of contact for the day of the event?

A representative [or multiple!] from Kim Moody Design will be opening up the house for you and your guests and managing the property on the day of your event. Our team from River Run/Kim Moody Design coordinates all of the parking and other behind-the-scenes logistics at The Estate for events.

How many guests can your venue accommodate?

Based on our Conditional Use Permit from Goochland County we can host up to 299 individuals inside the property.

Are there different rates for peak and off-season rates?

There are! Please inquire with us on the inquiry form on our website for more information if you are interested.

Is there a coat check?

The Estate has built in coat closets on both floors you may be hosting in. If you’d like to line up a “formal” coat check system please inquire about that with Kim Moody Design.

Is the site handicap accessible?

It is! We’ve just paved 3 fresh handicapped accessible spots off of the East side of the house. Individuals are able to come safely into the Tuscan Ballroom at that level or proceed through the elevator up to the first floor of the mansion.

Is there ample parking?

We have large stone parking areas for up to 74 cars. These are near our private entrance gate about half a mile off of River Road. Should your group need additional parking we have 2 designated areas for overflow. These spaces can host up to an additional 130 cars, so parking should not be a concern. In the event that additional spaces are needed we have two very large flat fields at the property entrance that we can shuttle guests in from. Due to the distance this has to be pre-orchestrated, so please ask for more information regarding needing parking for over 200 vehicles.

Do you have a decor inventory we can borrow/rent from?

The staff at Kim Moody Design owns about 500,000 pieces of decor rental inventory. Those are kept both on and off-site and able to be pre-reserved for a seperate rental fee through that business.

Are cabs/rideshares (like Uber, Lyft, etc.) easily accessible from the venue?

They are! Please have your end of the reception rides arranged prior to 10:30pm because at the end of an event guests must be exiting the gates at the 11pm end time. Individuals may not stay on property past their rented times due to county ordinances. Goochland is a rural area and end of event pick-ups must be pre-reserved. Chartered transportation is still the safest and best option through our recommended vendors.

Are there noise restrictions?

There are. In order to be respectful to our neighbors outdoor amplified music must be restricted to particular areas on the property. The tennis court is a fantastic option for outdoor celebrations, but the music that is amplified in this area must be done so under a tent with sidewalls.

Do you need security?

In most cases security is provided with the rental of our property. We line up the officers for your event with regularly priced bookings.

Is there a cake-cutting fee?

There is not a fee from our property, unless you specifically need us to be the one to cut it and serve it. In most cases a caterer would be the one to cut and serve the cake, so you may want to inquire if they have any fees for this if they are not the ones providing your dessert.

Can I bring in a cake from an outside baker or do I have to use a cake made on-site?

Outside bakers are welcome! We do require them to follow the same set of vendor guidelines as all of any vendors that are working at River Run. Please inquire with us about these specifics during your tour or contract booking process. We will be in touch with your bakery for the required documentation.

Can we bring our own wine, beer, liquor, or champagne?

Yes, please coordinate this with your caterer.

Is there a food and beverage minimum?

No, we do not package that as part of our venue rental. Food and beverage is done through your caterer. They will handle staffing and service as provided by part of your package. Both of our caterers are capable of serving large and small groups.

Are there adequate bathroom facilities?

There are 8 total restrooms currently open for guest use in the public spaces of The Estate you would be hosting your event on. The pool area only has one restroom and if you are hosting something in this area you will want to bring in a portable restroom trailer if you are utilizing that space for more than just the ceremony.

Do you provide heaters and/or umbrellas for the outdoor spaces?

At this time we do not provide outdoor heaters or umbrellas for events. Please inquire with our recommended rental companies.